How Does a Water Ionizer Work and What Are the Benefits?

In the past couple of years, alkaline water has been all the talk among medical circles. Plenty of different rumors have arisen in the past — from the fact that it can help with stuff like cancer prevention, to the idea that it can help you slow down the speed at which your body ages. And there have been many models of water ionizers that can create this type of water. But before you decide to get one — you should know all about how water ionizers work and all of the assorted benefits!

What Is Alkaline Water?

You may have already heard that alkaline water is far healthier for you than any other kind of water — especially plain old tap water. And that’s definitely no secret — there’s a reason why water ionizers have been so popular in the past couple of years; at the end of the day, there are simply too many benefits to alkaline water compared to tap water to ignore.

First of all, this type of water can help you regulate the pH balance in your body. It also contains powerful and important antioxidants, which are vital to your health. There’s even some evidence that it helps with symptoms of heartburn, which some people struggle with a lot. But one thing is clear — compared to people that drink usual generic water, those that opt for ionized alkaline water simply have more energy during the day and stay in a better mood overall.

But before you can learn all of the benefits of ionized water, you need to pose yourself one important question — what is ionized water in the first place? As you might assume, this is all about chemistry and physics. And in these fields, “ionization” isn’t something strictly related to water, but something that can happen to all kinds of molecules. In fact, being “ionized” simply means to change the number of electrons — by losing or gaining one. Thus, if you ionize water via a water ionizer, you’re actually going to split water into acidic and alkaline — both of which have altered pH levels in different directions.

As a result of this process, you’ll find that alkaline water contains plenty of hydroxyl ions; these give that type of water all of the tangible benefits that we’ll describe below. On the other hand, acidic water has ions of hydrogen — that type of water can be useful as well, but not via ingestion. There is reason to believe that this kind of water can help with plant growth.

The water ionizers that we’ve already mentioned work by splitting water via two electrodes, a negative and a positive one. Once the water goes through these membranes, it will become either acidic or alkaline.

But now that you know all of this, the question is — what are the benefits of water ionizers and the alkaline water they produce? Why should you get one in the first place? We’ll explore all of this below.

Proper Hydration

Water is definitely important for our bodies in general — but why is that? Well, for starters, water represents the most crucial ingredient for our bodies. Every single human consist of about 60% of water. In fact, that number goes up to 75% when infants are in question. So, if you want to have good general health, staying hydrated is an absolute must.

Plus, if you want to do any exercise regularly — proper hydration becomes even more important. It can be the single deciding factor for victory and defeat, especially for individual sports where the performance of a single athlete makes all the difference. And in competitions where athletes need to endure tough environments, this goes double.

The water inside our cells and the water that surrounds them is there to facilitate all kinds of important functions for our organs. Almost all biochemical reactions in the human body require some presence of water. In order for these processes to occur, some compounds and particles have to be diluted in water. The utilization of helpful byproducts by our body is also sped up via water — and water is also the single most important factor in the process of thermoregulation.

That’s why our bodies feel horrible without additional water, and we can’t really sustain ourselves long without it. Just remember how your mouth looks and feels if you stay outside in the hot summer and you don’t hydrate for just a couple of hours!

Dehydration can lead to a faster heart rate, less urine output, fatigue, general dizziness, and constant headaches. But did you know that ionized alkaline water can hydrate your body better than regular water? If you drink eight glasses of this type of water each day, you will be able to make such symptoms go away. It’s far more efficient than drinking tap water.

It’s great for your skin

The heat of the summer isn’t just a pain for the organs inside your body — it can also be an issue for its external surface. Dry lips, various breakouts, and generally coarse and dry skin are all issues that happen if you don’t drink water enough. But if you have a steady supply of alkaline water — you will find that your skin looks better and recuperates from problems more easily than with old-fashioned regular water.

In fact, these issues won’t happen in the first place! So, if you want your skin to be as youthful and excellent as ever — you just need to buy a water ionizer that will produce alkaline and acidic water. On the one hand, you will be able to use alkaline water as a great source of hydration; but on the other, you can also use acidic water as your natural skin toner.

Water tastes better

As important as proper hydration is, it’s not always easy remembering to take in enough water during the day. Heck, it’s not something that’s easy for adults — and children have even more issues with this. If you give them tap water, you will find that it just tastes heavy and sometimes rough; not something any child would be thrilled by.

Conversely, alkaline water that you get out of a water ionizer is silky and smooth — and you can always be sure of its quality, seeing as it has passed through the process of ionization. The consistency of the water’s taste is definitely something that any owner of a water ionizer can appreciate.

You Get More Electrolytes

We’ve already mentioned that receiving enough hydration is something that’s important, particularly during the summer and over the course of physically taxing activities. And let’s face it — during the summertime, people do all kinds of stuff, from biking and hiking to outdoor training and water sports.

All of that means a lot of excess sweat that leaves our bodies — and with it, a significant reduction in electrolytes. While drinking plain water can definitely help with that immensely, alkaline water has far more electrolytes after ionization — making it an excellent source of that as well.

Alkaline Water Is Healthier Compared To Sports Drinks

There are plenty of sports drinks that are designed to do what water does, but better — and that means providing both electrolytes and decent hydration. However, in order to make the taste of these drinks different compared to water, these drinks contain incredible amounts of sugar, and a sodium as well — both of these can be detrimental to your cardiovascular health if ingested in large quantities. And bear in mind that a single bottle of Gatorade can contain sugar in more than 50 grams!

Plus, these drinks are generally brightly colored — meaning that they are manufactured using artificial dyes, such as yellow number five, blue number one, and red number 40. All of these are created and subtracted from petroleum compounds — which is obviously not good for your health.

But you can get everything that you get with sports drinks by getting a water ionizer and drinking alkaline water; without the negative downsides of excess sugar, sodium, and artificial coloring.

Alkaline Water Is Great For Making Summer Drinks

Plenty of people start drinking this type of water because it is excellent at improving their daily health. However, you should bear in mind that consuming alkaline water in its basic form is far from the only thing you can do with it.

After all, plenty of foods and all beverages that you consume are made with water — and that means that you can make all of them healthier by using alkaline water instead of regular ones to make them. For instance, you can make some particularly healthy smoothies by using this type of water.

Just take some fruit slices and soak them in alkaline water overnight — a couple of mason jars will be the only other thing you need for this trick. Leave these in the fridge and when you get up in the morning, you will have an incredibly healthy drink to wake up to!

You Can Use Water Ionizers All The Time

The best thing about water ionizers is that they’re constantly available for use; you’ll be able to get all of the hydration that you need whenever you want it. It doesn’t take more than a minute to get all of the alkaline water that you need after a workout or when you’re just thirsty.
We hope this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new about Ionized Water. If you want to read more about this topic check out our article ALKALINE WATER – 6 REASONS WHY TO GET A WATER IONIZER.