Does the SNOO Smart Sleeper for Babies Emit EMF?

In short – yes. But the answer is not that simple.

As the SNOO Smart Sleeper is an electronically-based device that uses a WiFi connection, it will radiate EMF (electromagnetic field), which can be harmful to human beings, especially children as their bodies and minds are still in development. Although the company has made attempts to isolate electromagnetic radiation leaking from it, there are spots around the crib where the isolation is not completely functional.

On one hand, thumbs up to the Happiest Baby company and Dr. Harvey Karp (the inventor of SNOO Smart Sleeper) for recognizing the danger of EMF towards babies and publically talk about EMR and their products (which is, believe it or not, not that common). Bearing that in mind, there is a metal radiation shield that is supposed to prevent EMR from leaking out of the crib.

On the other hand, this metal radiation shield is not 100% effective and will therefore fail to completely negate EMF. Be that as it may, the EMF will still be reduced to a minimum, which is very good, but not perfect.

Let’s go more into details.

What is the SNOO Smart Basket and How Does it Work?

The Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper Mini Bassinet promises your newborn good sleep through the night. This bassinet, designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of the famous books “The happiest child” and “The happiest baby”, incorporates different levels of movement to rock your baby and get them fall asleep faster and better.

This modern design crib for babies automatically responds to the baby’s needs, increasing sound and movement to calm your child. It also offers the security that your baby will always sleep on their back, because it incorporates a zipper sleeping bag to always keep them in this position.

In addition, a mobile app is present that can be used to control the crib, get daily reports, and even provide useful tips. With the use of this app, both the parents and the baby can have more relaxing naps.

It is incredible how the market is growing for this type of product that seeks to help parents sleep during the first months of their baby’s life. This SNOO is not the only crib that ensures that your newborn sleeps through the night – Ford recently made a prototype of a mini crib that recreates a car ride to put babies to sleep and they have decided to make it due to the great interest it has had among many future fathers and mothers.

However, there are many other families who consider co-sleeping to be the best option to rest during the best months of your baby’s life and there are also mini cots to always have your baby close by.

Does the SNOO Smart Sleeper emit radiation?

Unfortunately, yes.

Although there is a protective metal ring in the crib that is supposed to keep the electromagnetic radiation away from a child, there are leaks in two places – below the crib and around the ears. This could be measured with an EMF meter and although the numbers are low, there are numbers above 0 nevertheless.

Any frequency of electromagnetic radiation is harmful to the human body, regardless of strength, and especially to babies. The only question is whether these consequences will be manifested. EMR is a type of environmental pollution, such as certain chemicals and noise. The specificity of radiation is that it has an accumulation effect, unlike chemicals and noise. This means that the consequences of radiation remain, regardless of whether a person is out of reach of radiation for a long time.

For example, if a person stops being exposed to chemical pollution, the chemicals will be expelled from the body and the negative consequences will stop, the consequences of noise stop even faster, and the consequences of radiation NEVER! The reason for this state of affairs is the genes that are damaged when radiation passes through living cells.

Radiation has always been present, in very, very small quantities. It appeared as cosmic radiation and other radiations. This is usually not a problem, unless these mistakes accumulate too much during life. When enough damage accumulates after a long time, malignant diseases (tumors) and cancer of certain tissues can occur. This is doubly so with children as they are still young and underdeveloped.

That is why unnecessary radiation should be avoided, but never go into paranoia, because in most cases there will be no problems. But still you should not radiate when it is not necessary, because you never know which drop will be the one that will spill over the glass!

What Is a Good EMF Free Alternative to SNOO Smart Sleeper?

Yes, the SNOO Smart Sleeper crib is great and it does wonders. But in case you wish to go safe and protect your kid from EMF, there are similar alternatives you can look into.To sleep in, also at night

Bedside Bassinet – To sleep in, also at night

One of the great alternatives is the Koola Baby bassinet. It has almost all the properties of the SNOO Smart Sleeper but without the WiFi option. What does it mean?

The crib is incredibly cozy and will improve baby’s sleep and can be rocked according to needs. But – there is no remote control and therefore no EMF. While you can put you baby to sleep with ease and have it have great dreams, you will still have to do some manual work.

It’s movable, it’s practical, and it’s cheaper.

Is it worth it? Yes.

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Baby Delight Bedside Sleeper – To sleep in, also at night

While the previous model is for babies up to one year, this crib is somewhat limited to 5-month-olds. Still, the crib is fantastic and will make your baby fall asleep with ease.

If you have a newborn and you wish your baby has good night sleep without any harmful electronics, the Baby Delight is a perfect choice.

The Baby Delight is an American famous brand that helps babies grow healthier and this crib will do just that. While there are no wheels as it is the case with Koola Baby and the crib will remain static, the crib is incredibly comfy and perfect for great good-night rocking. For more info and pictures please check here on

Baby Hammock Swing – For during the day

To move away from swaying cribs, this hammock will make your kids fall asleep so easily that you will want it for the rest of your life.

The hammock serves the usual purpose – attach it to a ceiling hook and let your child sway until it falls asleep. The swing comes with adjustable height so it is perfect for every room.

This hammock swing is perfect for kids and toddlers up to 3 years and will save you lots of time when trying to get your kid fall asleep.

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Don’t get us wrong, the SNOO Smart Sleeper is a great device – it facilitates the baby’s sleeping process, it helps parents with their sleep, and is overall a great modern crib. The protection from EMF is very good but not perfect.

In case you want more safety for your kid, you can always opt for traditional manual cribs and hammocks. If not, the SNOO Smart Sleeper is your best buy.