Are Smartwatches Safe for Kids?

The constant emergence of new technologies has become a challenge for those who raise children as they have to decide which technology to introduce to their children’s lives and at what age that technology is most suitable. While many children now have cell phones, some parents are not in favor of their children having this device.

During the previous years, announcements of smartwatches as gadgets that will change our future have appeared in the public. However, the reality is a little different as smartwatches have mostly replaced children’s toys. In an age where we try to prevent children from spending most of their time on computers and tablets, it is a real irony to recommend to parents a gadget that the child will constantly carry with them and play with it.

So, are smartwatches safe for kids?

The shortest answer possible is –no, they are not completely safe. Smartwatches emit EMF (electromagnetic fields) that are proven to be harmful to humans and especially to kids who are still in development both physically and mentally. The worst drawback of all is the continuous radiation of these devices. Gadgets are constantly attached to our body if not used in a reasonable and moderate way.

It does sound like a risky idea to give your child one such device. On the other hand, if gadgets are only used in situations where their benefits predominate and a normal analog watch can not compete anymore, there is not much to be said against it. In other words, the topic is a little bit more complicated than a simple “no”. Let’s go into detail.

What Are Smartwatches and How Do They Work

A smartwatch is basically a computer on your wrist and as such has functions that traditional “time-telling” watches can only dream of.

New smartwatches have more or less the same functions as smartphones, and we all know how much smartphones can do. Still, they are much smaller and therefore still limited in power, and so we have a few main purposes for buying a smartwatch. Here we are introducing the main features of smartwatches:

Media Players

Most smartwatches are equipped with an FM radio but many come with various media player apps as well. Also, smartwatches can be linked with other devices and therefore serve as media players themselves. Both adults and kids love music, no wonder why they are so popular.

Mobile Phones

As mentioned, some smartwatches have the same capabilities as mobile phones. If the smartwatch is connected to a smartphone, it can display incoming calls, text messages, even video calls!

A smartwatch on your wrist doesn’t make sense when your mobile phone is at hand. However, if the smartphone is safely stored someplace else (in a bag or pocket), a quick look at the wrist has its advantages.


Although fitness trackers (mostly smart bracelets) are extremely popular, smartwatch manufacturers are constantly trying to integrate an activity monitor into their devices to track your physical activities. Some of these watches also depend on your phone to work well, but most of them have at least a built-in pedometer to keep track of how many steps you’ve taken.

Some watches also have a built-in sensor to measure heart rate, which is extremely useful, although they are not as reliable as fitness bracelets.


Speaking of tracking, smartwatches have integrated GPS and therefore people can find and see the exact location of the smartwatch owner.


In other words, smartwatches can be used to monitor your child’s movements, as well as how physically active they are during the day. They can also be used to communicate with a child via a phone call. With this approach to your child, you will not have to worry about being out of touch with them.

Parental supervision available

Although many smartwatches have the same functions as smartphones, they also come with a wide range of parental controls to help adults feel more comfortable as their children will not be able to access certain features by themselves.

The type of smartwatch will also condition the type of parental control that a parent will have. Common parental controls include features such as time allowed to play games, available contacts for communication, internet restrictions, allowed purchases, and more.

Planning and organization

Not only can smartwatch features and functions help you keep track of your child, but they can also help your child in terms of planning and organization. Research has found that smartwatches can help children, especially those with attention or concentration disorders, by helping them better plan their day and do tasks more efficiently. These classes allow children to use reminders about certain tasks or obligations that they have to complete and thus help them organize their activities.

Do Smartwatches Emit EMF?

Yes, they do. Perhaps the worst drawback of all is the continuous radiation of these devices. Gadgets are constantly attached to our body and if at the same time we have smartphones in our pockets, we will receive a double dose of radiation that slowly but surely harms us, claims radiologist Dr. Ryan Pandey.

Even in moments when we don’t use them, they interact with transmitters and radiate, and the risk is greatest for children because their skulls are thinner and their nervous system is developing. Scientists warn that even low levels of radiation have negative health consequences, and parents are very often unaware that wearable technology and WiFi toys emit radiofrequency radiation. It is less than, for example, the radiation of one laptop, but it is therefore constant.

Some studies indicate that EMF can be harmful when exposed to continuity. Some of the symptoms attributed to EMF exposure are: sleeping disorders and mood swings, eye irritation, headaches, restlessness and anxiety and on the longer term even the development of infertility and cancer. If you want to find out more about EMF, please continue reading here: EMF-questions and answers.

What Emits More EMF – Smartwatches or Smartphones?

As medical experts explain, wearing a smartwatch is like having a mobile phone on your wrist, attached to your skin non-stop. The amount of radiation is different as smartphones emit more EMF. But…

Due to that direct and constant contact, the effect of smartwatch radiation is incomparably greater than that of the smartphone. What’s worse, most people wear watches like this at night because they also measure the quality of sleep.

Smartwatches have a battery and work by being connected to a Wi-Fi network, which emits radiation, which means that they have a double-bad effect. And the closer the radiation source is to the body, the greater the radiation. Such watches are designed to be worn constantly, however, these non-ionizing radiations are harmful especially at night, as they do not allow the renewal of melatonin necessary for the work of the thymus, the main gland responsible for our immune system. This can lead to a drop in immunity and the creation of various malignant diseases.

It has also been shown that this technology influences the development of food intolerance, to block certain digestive enzymes, i.e. centers in the brain that control the pancreas so that many clinical pictures develop that are not written in medical textbooks. What has been especially noticed is that children and young people develop some fears and panic attacks, which are an introduction to depression, and it is all related to electromagnetic radiation.


As stated in the beginning, a simple yes-or-no answer to the question of whether smartwatches for kids are bad is impossible in this case. There are many benefits but also a few but very important drawbacks.

To summarize – yes, smartwatches emit EMF radiation which can be harmful to kids. This radiation is of lesser extent than the one of smartphones but if constant exposure to it is present, then it can be quite harmful, depending on a child.

So even if smartwatches are designed and marketed to be worn all day, every day it is advisable for your kids to use smartwatches only for tracking (when away from parents) or for single hours during the day. When at home (or someplace safe), smartwatches should not be used on a constant basis, especially not during nighttime.

Keep also in mind: even when the watches aren’t actively in use, as long as they have Bluetooth or WiFi enabled, they still emit EMF radiation.

Don’t be afraid to try out the new tech, it’s always great! But be reasonable and be moderate and everything will be alright.

Introduction of a Few Old School (Analog) Watches for Kids

If you have decided that you rather prefer to go back to old school watches (which have served us just fine for decades) we introduce here a few nice models for kids:

Analog Watch for young Kids learning to tell time

This analog watch is available in 8 different designs for boys and girls. The adjustable 16mm elastic fabric strap with different patterns fits up to a 6-inch wrist circumference and is very comfortable to wear.

It’s easy-to-read with the white dial and with minutes marked for learning

The watch is water-resistant to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing.

To find more details about this model and read through the many positive reviews please continue reading here on

Kids Watch for ages 6-12

This model is available in 5 color variations. The watch strap is made of soft teal silicone. The back of the watch is made of stainless steel and the front of mineral glass for the best clarity.

Its detailed design helps children easily learn to tell the time.

The watch is water-resistant but not suitable for swimming or bathing.

For more info and pictures please continue reading here on

Kids Digital Sportwatch Waterproof

For kids (or parents) who prefer a digital watch this model features all functions a watch must have:

This model is available in 8 different designs. It’s waterproof and shockproof and children can play with it or make sports (swimming, surfing…) without worry.

The watch is made of soft PU material for long-lasting durability while keeping your child’s skin friendly. In addition, the adjustable strap with stainless steel strap buckle ensures customization and comfort.

The watch has intelligent multi-functions such as stopwatch, date, hour, minute, calendar and alarm clock. The night-light and large dial and numbers show date and time clearly to your kid.

To see all designs of this model and read through all features please continue reading here on

Introduction Of a Few Models of Smartwatches for Kids

If you have decided that the advantages of a smartwatch still dominate and you consider to give your child one such device (with a reasonable and moderate usage) we want to introduce here a few models of Smartwatches that are designed especially for kids:

4G Kids Wrist Watches

This Smartwatch model has a 4G network that enables parents to communicate easier and better with their children via video call. The signal is stronger and more stable. The watch is multifunctional and easy to use. The smartwatch will not only help keep your child safe but also includes fun functions for your children to enjoy, such as a built-in camera and alarm clock.


  • 4G Network, for clearer and more stable communication via video calling.
  • GPS + Wifi to locate your child.
  • IP67 Waterproof watch, don’t worry if your child gets it wet.
  • Fast charging is provided, 2x to full battery.
  • HD Camera on the front of the watch.
  • Make video calls with your child whenever you want.

You can find more details about the 4G Kids Wrist Watches here on

Smartwatch for Kids with GPS Tracker

This Smartwatch model has additionally a GPS Tracker which allows you to monitor and locate your child in case he or she gets lost. Through the application on your phone, you will receive all the information for the movement, route, and location of your loved ones when they are not with you. This smartwatch has a 4G network, enabling parents to communicate easier and better with their child via video call. The signal is stronger and more stable.


  • This model has a built-in thermometer in the watch. The hand-held temperature gauge provides insight into the temperature at any time, as well as insight into how high the temperature was in the previous days.
  • HD videos and 4G network for more stable calls.
  • GPS + Wifi location – allows you to monitor and locate your child in case they get lost. You can see the exact location of your child at any time.

You can find more details about the 4G Kids Wrist Watches with GPS Tracker here on