Alkaline Water – 6 Reasons Why to Get a Water Ionizer

There are plenty of things that were spoken about alkaline water and its benefits. Many different health experts have claimed that this water is more beneficial to the human body compared to regular kinds of water. In fact, some say that it can bring all kinds of positive changes — it makes you age more slowly, it regulates the pH levels in your body, and there are even suggestions that it’s capable of dealing with chronic diseases along the lines of cancer.

Because of this, the market for water ionizers (that can provide you with this sort of water) has boomed in recent years. But what is alkaline water in the first place? And how can it affect your health positively? We’ll explore the world of water ionizers and alkaline water below and name the 6 most important reasons and why we decided to get one!

What is alkaline water and what are its benefits?

We all learn that water is extremely beneficial for us from a very early age. First of all, you can’t go long without water — a couple of days at most. This is mainly due to the fact that water is the most important component of the human body. A majority of everyone’s bodies are made up of water, and we need it for the functioning of just about every organ; that’s why constant replenishment is important. Make no mistake — dehydration is a potentially dangerous thing.

This goes double if you’re someone who’s into sports. Any professional athlete will be able to tell you that fluid intake is essential for the success and competitiveness of athletes in every major sport. That’s particularly true for events where aerobic endurance is required — things like biking or running, where you need to perform great feats of endurance for several hours. In these sports, drinking enough water is essential if you even want to make it to the finish line; let alone being the first.

The same is true for any physical activity that lasts more than a dozen minutes and requires you to do manual work. That’s why laborers of all kinds are constantly drinking water, particularly on hot summer days.

And that’s precisely the reason why alkaline water has risen in popularity lately. While there are more than a few products crowding the market in the health and wellness industries — alkaline water and water ionizers have definitely left their mark. And the reason for that is simple — there is evidence to suggest that it’s like regular water, but healthier.

Apart from the properties that we’ve already talked about in the beginning of the article, alkaline water is also known to reduce the levels of acid in your body; that’s something which regular water just doesn’t do.

So, how do we get this type of water, and why is it named “alkaline”? For starters, it’s important to note that this name is derived from the pH levels of the water. This value refers to how alkaline or acidic any substance can be, ranging on a scale from zero to fourteen. So, for instance, if you’re examining a substance with a pH level of 2, it’s quite acidic, while 14 would mean that it’s quite alkaline.

With that in mind, you may now start to get the picture — normal drinking water has a lower level of pH than alkaline water. And seeing as alkaline is the opposite of acidic, plenty of experts believe that this water is capable of reducing the acidity of your body.

To be more precise, the average pH level of regular tap water is seven; conversely, alkaline water has pH levels of nine or eight. Though, we should mention that the pH level isn’t the only thing that makes alkaline water healthy. If you want to truly receive the benefits of this type of water, it needs to contain minerals with alkaline properties as well. That way, it will have a bigger ORP — or, more precisely, an oxidation reduction potential. Generally, you can tell if a body of water is healthy or not judging by its ORP levels.

So, as you may have concluded on your own, alkaline water works by providing a healthier pH balance to your body. There are plenty of reasons why your body may be more acidic than it should be — primarily due to the way you eat. As a result, your organs may need to work harder in order to achieve the best possible pH levels. If your body has too much acid, that’s definitely not good — seeing as it makes you more susceptible to all kinds of diseases. And while drinking regular water does help somewhat in this regard, alkaline water is more potent due to its chemical properties.

Keeping all of this in mind, how do water ionizers produce this type of water? While we don’t need to go into all of the different details regarding this, suffice it to say that they use two differently charged electrodes to produce two types of water — acidic and alkaline. Though, bear in mind that you don’t need to throw away the acidic water — in reality, it can also be used for watering plants and other household chores.

#1 Helping Against Cancer

Some experts suggest that one of the benefits of using water ionizers is that alkaline water can be helpful in preventing the appearance of dangerous cancers. You should know that quite a few bodily cancers appear as the result of oxygen radicals; these chemicals are byproducts of many ordinary metabolic functions in our bodies. But they’re also highly unstable, and they can disrupt our cells to the point of being cancerogenic.

So, there is no way to completely eliminate these particles — but you can combat their effects using antioxidants. And alkaline water is definitely a powerful source of antioxidants — just another reason to consume it on a daily basis! Naturally, alkaline water is by no means anything near a cure for any kind of cancer; it’s just a potential way of preventing them and living a healthier lifestyle in general.

#2 Better Cardiovascular Functions

While bodily radicals are quite dangerous in the sense that they can be one of the causes of cancer — there are all sorts of other ways in which they can be detrimental to our health. For instance — there is a substantial body of research that suggests that poor cardiovascular functions and the presence of free radicals are definitely linked. More specifically, the clogging of blood vessels which occurs from heightened cholesterol is also something that free radicals in our bodies trigger.

Alkaline water is great at limiting the level of such risks by lowering the number of free radicals in our bodies. Thus, they’re not such a big threat to our blood vessels, and they don’t represent as big of a danger as they could.

#3 Better Hydration

One of the benefits of water ionizers is that the alkaline water that they produce could potentially hydrate you better than regular water. And yes, at first, that may seem inaccurate — after all, a glass of water is a glass of water, right? Well, not exactly. When you allow water to go through the process of ionization, it actually makes the molecule clusters in the water to shatter into tinier groups.

But what does that mean for the hydration of your body? Well, it seems that our cells can absorb these smaller water clusters more efficiently due to their ability to permeate through human cell membranes more quickly. As these molecule clusters are smaller, the resistance of the membranes is softer as well. In turn, this allows your body to perform quicker and more efficient hydration — keeping your thirst quenched for longer periods of time.

#4 Better Digestion

While alkaline water is great for quenching our thirst — it actually has quite a positive effect on our digestion as well. In fact, its presence appears to be beneficial to the other organic compounds found in our colons. And seeing as this is the most crucial aspect of everyone’s digestive system — you want to reduce the acidity therein and keep that environment as alkaline as you can.

#5 More Beautiful Skin

If you’ve got a water ionizer, you’ll find that the uses for alkaline water are practically limitless. And it’s not all about the water that you drink either. In fact, ionized water can be a crucial part of your regular skin routine. Experiences of water ionizer owners suggest that using alkaline water in your own skin mixtures is excellent — it makes your skin less prone to wrinkling, and constantly hydrated and fresh.

Some people report that constant rubbing of this type of water on their faces has also reduced soreness and the intensity of acne.

#6 Excellent Filtration

Apart from making the water ionized and splitting it into alkaline and acidic, water ionizers also provide decent water filtration as a byproduct. Seeing as it turns regular water molecules into charged particles, the common contaminants found in tap water are quite easily singled out — such as heavy metals, chloramine, and chlorine — along with pesticides and certain VOCs. As a result, you get not only water that’s healthier due to its pH levels, but water that’s generally cleaner as well.

Which Water Ionizer To Buy?

There are plenty of different water ionizer machines out there. One of the better ones is the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe and the Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer Machine which you can find both on These are excellent products due to the sole fact that it won’t take up too much space — unlike some bigger counterparts, these ones can neatly sit at your countertop. Plus, it’s quick to install and extremely easy to use; you won’t need any tools or additional parts, you simply plug them in and it works.

The Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer Machine comes with a neat LCD that allows you to control the ionizer via touchscreen controls. For both machines you can freely choose which kind of water you want, as well as its pH levels. So, the water ranges from ultra-alkaline to regular but filtered water. There are also different power settings to ensure that the machine doesn’t affect your electricity bill too much.


As you can see, there are plenty of different benefits to using a water ionizer machine in your home. After all, the alkaline water that you receive from it has the potential to extremely improve your general health, as well as your daily energy levels!
If you have any questions about water ionizers or any comments on this article in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also if you want to read further into this topic check out our article HOW DOES A WATER IONIZER WORK AND WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?