6 Best EMF Protection Products and How They Work

6 Best EMF Protection Products and How they Work

In today’s world, technology allows us more freedom and possibilities than ever before. Indeed, who could imagine having access to communication and information on a global scale just 30 years ago? However, as you should be well aware — these possibilities are not without their drawbacks.

Wireless communication is definitely the most convenient way to pass on messages, information, and other data. Unfortunately, it heavily relies on the mechanisms of EMF — electromagnetic fields. These fields are emitted and maintained by each electronic device that receives and emits data; from our Internet routers and smartphones to your smart fridge that’s connected to the Internet.

The jury is still out on the effect of EMF radiation on humans, but many scientists point out that it could very well be extremely harmful — something that the world’s business and mainstream scientist communities have simply shrugged away. Considering this, you’d do well to protect yourself from potentially harmful radiation; or at least do your best to minimize its effects. That’s why we’ll go over the best EMF protection products and how they work. Some of them are:

  1. Anti Radiation Phone Cases
  2. Radiation Protection Laptop Pad
  3. Anti Radiation Headset
  4. WiFi Router Guard
  5. Protection Stickers
  6. Bed Canopy

#1 Anti Radiation Phone Cases

As we’ve already mentioned, your smartphone is definitely a big source of EMF. Plus, these days all of us keep our phones near us at all times; meaning we practically never get rest from that particular EMF source. However, there are ways to lessen the damage.

For instance, you could get an anti-radiation phone case. We have tested some for you and this is our favorite:

This particular model is excellent because it contains an immensely protective front flap. It’s been tested in labs accredited by the FCC – the Federal Communications Commission – and manages to block almost a %100 of all EMF waves originating from cell phones.

This is military-grade EMF shielding that we’re talking about. The protective front flap manages to block the radio frequencies that can be harmful to your body without disrupting the functionality of the phone itself.

And this anti-radiation phone case is functional in more ways than one. For instance, it functions as a wallet as well. On the back of the flap, you’ll find that it has a neat area that works for holding cards. You can place 4 business or credit/debit cards in there; while still having plenty of room for other personal documentation and some cash.

The features don’t stop there — you’ll also find a great kickstand built into this case. That means you can easily use the phone for watching movies, short videos, or reading books; as long as you’ve got something flat to place it on in your vicinity! You can get this phone case here on Amazon.com.

#2 Radiation Protection Laptop Pad

Of course, your phone isn’t the only source of EMF; particularly not in the workplace. While you can reduce your on-screen time at home as much as you’re able to; it’s not easy to do while you’re at work. Particularly if we’re talking about the average office job — you’re likely to be spending a little less than 8 hours in front of a screen.

However, if you use a laptop instead of a desktop computer — there are EMF protection products that can help you out. For instance, this cooler pad for laptops also manages to provide ample protection against any electromagnetic fields; at least those created and maintained by your laptop.

If you use a product such as this, you’ll be able to reduce the exposure to EMF by more than 90 percent! The protective pad manages to achieve this through a three-layer approach. You’ve got a steel plate, surrounded by a resistance alloy, and wrapped in a durable cover. All of this means that you’ll have all the padding and thermal protection that you require. Plus, there are options for all kinds of sizes; keeping in mind that people use different laptops. This protective mat works for all kinds of devices — from tablets and ebook readers to notebooks and bigger laptops. You can find this protection laptop pad in two different colors and even in a vegan leather version here on amazon.com.

#3 Anti Radiation Headset

Apart from your phone and laptop, what’s a device that you use pretty much constantly? That’s right — your headset. Usually, headphones that are connected to your smartphone or laptop act as a very efficient conductor of EMF radiation that goes straight to your head and brain.

Fortunately, there are products like this SYB Headset that’s designed to provide shielding from all radiation that stems from your smartphone. You can find it here on Amazon.com.

These earbuds use currents of air to safely conduct sound without exposing you to all kinds of harmful radiation.

And while safety is important — we have to point out that you won’t be making a compromise in sound quality with this product either. This air tube headset provides stellar sound quality, allowing you to enjoy your music and podcasts with the utmost safety. Plus, these have all of the usual features you’d expect in a headset; volume control buttons, and a microphone that’s built-in.

It’s also incredibly comfortable, seeing as you get three different earbud cover sizes. This means people of all ages can use them; adapt your kids to an EMF-free world without sacrificing basic amenities like headphones. If you are interested to find out more about it please read also our article “Are Apple AirPods Safe For Kids?”

#4 WiFi Router Guard

Next up, we’ll present you with a solution to one of the biggest EMF sources on the planet — your WiFi router. First of all, it’s got a wide wireless range; but even more importantly, it’s on all of the time. So, if you’re thinking about how much radiation that is, we can tell you that it’s definitely more than anyone would want near their bodies.

Just think about it — depending on the strength of the router, you can sometimes pick up on signals that are all the way at your neighbors’ home! These routers have a lot of reach and power — meaning that you’re exposing yourself to plenty of EMF radiation by using them. Of course, you can hardly shut off the Internet permanently; but what you can do is reduce the amount of power that routers get.

This signal tamer is an excellent way to achieve just that! It manages to soften any router’s signal, ensuring that the radiation output that it provides goes down by a whopping ninety percent! And even better — the router doesn’t lose any of its speed or functionality! This shielding fabric was specially designed to allow for protection without Internet service interruption. You can check it out (and some more models) here on Amazon.com.

#5 Protection Stickers

We place our EMF-emitting electronics in all kinds of places around our homes. That’s why it’s crucial to provide as much protection to the surrounding surfaces, and thus ourselves. This slip-proof shielding fabric can help you have a safe home experience. You can place it on any kind of surface, and it will start working as a nifty shield against EMF. Plenty of harmful radiation will be safely blocked.

These “stickers” with anti-radiation properties are manufactured using quality materials. We’re talking about a surface laminate layer that ensures the sticker won’t be scratched or cut. There’s also an adhesive that’s strong enough to support extended use; along with a thread of nickel and copper woven together with nylon.

All of this means that you’ll be able to apply the shield on any surface without difficulty. You can use it on any reasonably flat surface that’s near your electronics; ideally, the desk you’re working on and the nearby wall. You’ll find yourself safe from all kinds of EMF emissions.

And if you need your shield to be of a different size — you can easily adjust it to the space that you need. A pair of sharp scissors applied precisely will allow you to achieve the size that you need. You’re one short step away from blocking EMF from everything; including tablets, baby monitors, etc.

#6 Bed Canopy

While it’s important to shield yourself from EMF during the day; most of us don’t realize just how much EMF we get exposed to at night-time. This goes double for people who do work in their beds or keep their laptops and phones in their bedrooms. Not to mention the fact that WiFi routers easily penetrate the confines of any room in your home.

That’s why you should consider getting a bed canopy that’s designed to protect from EMF radiation. This is an extremely strong protective canopy that can block all kinds of harmful rays; from those originating from cell towers to those coming from inside of your home.

You get everything you need included in the set — adjustable straps that allow you to adapt to any height of the ceiling, as well as the necessary instructions and mounting equipment. Forget about worries regarding wireless devices while you sleep; this canopy will help you sleep a lot better and, quite literally, rest easy!